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Welcome to Keith's Plant Books

And to my section for General Plant Books.

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Keith Larkin

Featured Book

View larger image of 'Conifers Around the World'Debreczy, Rácz, Musial, Price, Hannum & Lőkös Conifers Around the World
An oversized two volume book which takes a marvellous look at conifers in their natural habitats around the world. A large introductory section looks at the discovery, classification and identification, morphology, distribution etc of conifers before taking a world trip to look at them. Each region is looked at from various points of view which will have influenced the history and current distribution of the conifers there, and the habitats. Each species is described along with a distribution map, and illustrated with a series of colour photos which show a mature example along with details of cones and foliage. A final section has colour photos of trunk bark, and a number of appendices cover sources, references, glossary etc. Few of us have any hope of taking such a trip ourselves and this is also much more environmentally friendly! 2011 12 ½ 9 ¼ 1089 pages

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