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View larger image of 'Kew Plant Glossary'Beentje, Henk J -  Kew Plant Glossary
An up to date reference which gets away from the dry lists that such books can be by incorporating sketches to explain appropriate terms in the text. Sections group together illustrations of term types, and there is a colour chart. 2010 – revised edition 2012 9 ½ x 6 ½ 163 pages
Cover: Softcover
Comments: Second edition 2015 with 184 pages,  (RRP £18), New
Price: £(GBP)12.00
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View larger image of 'Botany for Gardeners - revised edition'Capon, Brian -  Botany for Gardeners - revised edition
This is probably the best book for the average gardener who wants to know more about how plants work. The second edition (there is now a third) improved on the original with additional information including plant taxonomy and more colour illustrations. 2005 9 x 6 239 pages
Cover: Softcover
Comments: Very minor wear to the cover (RRP £14.99), New
Price: £(GBP)10.00
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View larger image of 'In Praise of Plants'Halle, Francis -  In Praise of Plants
English translation of a fascinating book which looks at the differences and similarities between plants and animals to provide new insights in to the plant world from a French Botanist who has studied a wide range of plants across the world. 2002 9 ¼ x 6 ¼ 334 pages
Cover: Hardback
Comments: , Slight wear to dust jacket (RRP £17.99), New
Price: £(GBP)12.00
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View larger image of 'Flowering Plant Families of the World'Heywood, Brunnitt, Culham & Seberg -  Flowering Plant Families of the World
A book for those who have a wide interest in plants and like to know how plant families are related to each other. This is the successor to “Flowering Plants of the World” and presents the latest views of plant classification based on the progress made in the many areas of research. Well illustrated with many mono and colour illustrations, in addition to the classification information (which is presented in an easy to digest manner) it includes uses of the plants. In addition to being a reference book it is also a fascinating book to browse through. 2007 12 ½ x 9 ½
Cover: Hardback
Comments:  (RRP £32), New
Price: £(GBP)22.50
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View larger image of 'Succulents in cultivation - breeding new cultivars'Rowley, Gordon -  Succulents in cultivation - breeding new cultivars
Gordon’s books have always covered interesting and important subjects which have been overlooked previously, and this one continues the tradition. Some cacti and succulents have been hybridised or attractive forms selected for a long time, and he explains how this has come about. A large part of the book surveys the results achieved, and if you would like to try yourself to produce new and striking plants he explains the various way to try it – you don’t have to be a large multinational conglomerate for some of the methods which amateurs have successfully used in the past! Illustrated with many colour photos. 11 x 9 ¼ 248 pages 2017
Cover: Hardback
Comments: , , New
Price: £(GBP)32.00
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View larger image of 'Digging Deeper - Understanding how your garden grows'Williams, Paul -  Digging Deeper - Understanding how your garden grows
Explains how plants grow, survive the seasons, their use of colour and scent, resist pests and diseases, reproduce etc – all aspects of their biology and botany, written in easy to understand fashion by a gardener, and extremely well illustrated with many colour photos. 2002 11 ¼ x 8 ¾ 160 pages
Cover: Hardback
Comments: Slight wear to dust jacket (RRP £20), New
Price: £(GBP)13.50
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