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Smith, Lyman -  Notes on Bromeliaceae 1 - XXX111
Detailed descriptions and keys illustrated with sketches. Reprinted from Phytologia 1953 – 1971 as contributions from the Reed Herbarium no XX 1971 (1983 reprint) 9 ¾ x 6 ¾ 666 pages
Cover: Softcover
Comments: , Slight fading/marks to the cover, New
Price: £(GBP)25.00
Special offer! Just £12.50 until the end of May 2022
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View larger image of 'Bromeliads for the Contemporary Garden'Steens, Andrew -  Bromeliads for the Contemporary Garden
Written by a New Zealand nurseryman, this book covers over 200 varieties from 28 genera suitable for outdoor cultivation in warmer climates. Well illustrated with many colour photos, this is also a very attractive book to browse for those of us who cannot grow them outside and can be used for inspiration for plants to grow indoors. 2003 10 x 8 ½ 198 pages
Cover: Hardback
Comments: , , New
Price: £(GBP)20.00
Special offer! Just £15 until the end of May 2022
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