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View larger image of 'Cacti and Succulents for Cold Climates'Chance, Leo -  Cacti and Succulents for Cold Climates
Whether you are thinking of making a more exotic looking garden display, or wanting ideas of what might survive in an unheated greenhouse, then this book will give you some good ideas. Based on his own experiences in Colorado, he gives his views on what factors determine the survival of the plants in seemingly less than ideal situations, and details how he prepares, plants and looks after outside areas. The plants he suggests worth trying are grouped by growth habit which in some cases is genus, and finally he suggests some non succulent plants which go well with them. 2012 9 ¼ x 7 ¼ 328 pages
Cover: Hardback
Comments:  (RRP £25), New
Price: £(GBP)16.50
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View larger image of 'Succulents Propagation'Kapitany & Schulz -  Succulents Propagation
Written by two nurserymen who know the tricks of the trade, this book covers all aspects from the basics through advanced vegetative techniques and seed raising, and then gives greater consideration to 38 genera, all well illustrated with colour photos. 2004 9 ¾ x 7 ¼ 112 pages
Cover: Softcover
Comments: , New
Price: £(GBP)12.00
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View larger image of 'Hardy Succulents - Tough Plants for Every Climate'Kelaidis & Holt -  Hardy Succulents - Tough Plants for Every Climate
Written by the former editor of the “Bulletin of the American Rock Garden Society” and former co-owner of “Rocky Mountain Rare Plants”, this book looks at a very wide range of plants suitable for outside cultivation in a wide range of climates. Covers Sempervivums, Sedums, Cacti, Agaves and many more, it looks how to best cultivate them for success in many environments, and display them to best effect. Well illustrated with many colour photos. 2008 9 ½ x 9 ½ 159 pages
Cover: Softcover
Comments: ,  (RRP £14.99), New
Price: £(GBP)10.00
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