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"Keith's Plant Books" has grown out of my own interest in plants and wishing to find more information about them, especially those less commonly grown in the UK. Searches in second hand bookshops uncovered many books published overseas which I was unaware of, especially South African and Australian, which not only contained a great deal of information on their natural habitats, but were also well produced and illustrated.

I found that other people also wanted these books so I started to pick them up when I came across them, and sold them at specialist plant group meetings.

New books were also added and the range expanded to the point where I now have approaching 2000 titles available.

So my business is now supplying both new and secondhand books to plant, gardening and botanic art enthusiasts - growers, libraries, etc. Cactus etc books are a speciality but anything which is intersting in the plant world is acquired when I come across it. I hope that there is something that helps fuel your enthusiasm for plants!

If I have not listed a book or subject you are interested in then please enquire. I do have access to other titles and have been able to find particular books on a number of occasions.



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