Book Descriptions

As many of the books may be unfamiliar to browsers, I have tried to give a meaningful description of the contents of them. If you would like any further information then please do enquire.

Sizes are height by width in inches, and are approximate.

DW    Dust wrapper
PP     Pages
B+W  Black and white

Second Hand Books

The second-hand books are in good condition for their age, with possibly some dedication etc in the front, and are hard back with dust wrapper, colour laminated or otherwise decorative hard cover unless otherwise mentioned. Any significant faults over and above this will be specially mentioned. The date quoted is the first publication date of the book - the copy may not be a first edition - supplemented by the printing date if significantly later.

If the condition or edition of the book is especially important, then please do contact me.

New Discount Books

Usually these are in perfect condition, but occasionally the publisher makes a small unobtrusive mark on the underneath of the pages. I will endeavour to mention this in the book description, but if you do not wish to receive books with these marks then please do mention it in your order. I often obtain new but damaged books, and their condition is included in the description.

Imported Books

These are brand new books I have especially brought into the UK.



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