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'The New Cactus Lexicon'

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Thoughtfully divided in to two volumes for ease of handling, the smaller contains the descriptions of all known genera and species. And for the conservative Cactus grower (and you know who I mean!) you already knew about the main Genera changes – Parodia including Notocactus, Echinopsis including Lobivia and Trichocereus etc. And don’t forget that it means having to remember how to correctly spell fewer Genera! But it isn’t lumping for lumping sake – I noticed Mammilloydia candida unlumped from Mammillaria and Cumarinia odorata still recognised (this latter may be as a hybrid). But the real gem is the second volume which illustrates all the recognised species of cacti, either in habitat or of known wild origin – over 2500 pictures in all. They are grouped in look-alike order to help you identify plants. And it is such a joy to browse that you will very soon be smoothed into accepting the new classification the book propounds, and maybe encouraging you to try some of those more obscure plants that perhaps you haven’t seen before. In all it is a wonderful and comprehensive set of two books which celebrates the entire Cactus family, with illustrations covering all the genera and species like they have never been before. 2006 11 ¼ x 8 ¼ Text volume 373 pages, Illustration volume 526 pages.
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