Hammer, Steven

'Mesembs: The Titanopsis Group'

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Many people grow some of the Mesembs, but don’t venture much beyond Lithops and Conophytums. This is a shame as there are many attractive plants which are quite amenable in cultivation. There have been books on Mesembs before, but as there are so many species they can’t cover more than a small sample of the types. There has also been limited information on their cultivation which varies with the wide range of climate conditions the plants live in, and their varying ease of adaption to cultivation in our less than ideal conditions. So this, the first in a projected series, will be welcomed by many, as it both shows what can be grown and how to cultivate them. It is well illustrated with many colour photos both in cultivation and habitat including variations and close ups of leaf textures. Plus there are a number of botanic art paintings, seed capsule drawings and distribution maps. The genera covered in this volume are Aloinopsis, Deilanthe, Didymaotus, Ihlenfeldtia, Nananthus, Prepodesma, Tanquana ,Titanopsis and Vanheerdea Appendices include reprints of historical notes on cultivation by Tischer and others by Schwantes, Nel and Hall. Written by a well known personality who has extensive knowledge of the plants both in habitat and cultivation this well produced book will be the ultimate reference on these plants and will do a lot to increase their popularity in cultivation.
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ISBN 1939134005 9781939134004
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