Pilbeam, John

'Stapeliads: Refreshed'

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Confused by all the new genera names which have appeared in recent years for these plants, and the differences in opinions in classification? Then you’re no longer alone – the writer of so many books on cacti & other succulent plants has taken up the challenge to not only help us to get to grips with the various classifications, but more importantly for the grower and collector of these distinctive plants what the plants and flowers actually look like. Taking no view on which classification to follow, the genera are arranged and documented so that the reader can work out what its name is in whichever classification the reader wishes to know. And for the ordinary grower who isn’t concerned about classification it has 686 colour photos and for those you would like to obtain you can find out under what name(s) it might be found in catalogues. For those who just like plants it is a marvellous picture book. As ever from the author and the publisher (BCSS) it is very well produced. Will be a classic for a very long time like the author’s other books. Updated and expanded edition of the 2010 original with more pages and pictures with names brought even more up to date than before. 2014 11 x 8 ½ 221 pages
Cover: Hardback
Comments: , New
Price: £(GBP)36.00
ISBN 0902099973 9780902099975
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