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'Mapping the Cacti of Mexico Part 2 Mammillaria'

View larger image of 'Mapping the Cacti of Mexico Part 2 Mammillaria'Description:
Following in the same fashion as the first part, this one covers one of the major and possibly most popular genera not previously included. Based on the New Cactus Lexicon classification the 54 maps cover 155 species of Mammillaria based on documented information from a wide range of herbarium sources – 68 in all. It is a very useful and interesting book, which in addition to the maps does provide additional information on the habitats the plants come from as well quite a number of colour photos of some of the plants both in habitat and cultivation. Volume 9 of Succulent Plant Research published by David Hunt. 2015 9 ½ x 6 ¾ 189 pages
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ISBN 0993311318 9780993311314
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