Cullen, James

'Hardy Rhododendron Species'

View larger image of 'Hardy Rhododendron Species'Description:
The author worked for 17 years at Edinburgh Botanic Gardens where he carried out research in to Rhododendron classification, and this book draws on the information that has been built up at Edinburgh. The book starts with the history of the classification of Rhododendrons, and the structure of the flower before giving keys to the sections which then have keys to the species in each section with full descriptions of the plants with many illustrated with colour photos of their flowers and close-ups of their leaves. Whilst largely intended as an identification guide, it does provide the information for those wishing to plant species in the UK and similar climates to help them make their choices. 2005 9 ¼ x 7 ¼ 496 pages
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ISBN 0881927236 9780881927238
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