Your personal details – name, address, email address and in some cases phone number - are held securely and only used to supply you with your order and except when necessary to deliver your order through the post or parcel delivery company are never given to a third party.

Your email address is used to keep you informed through my email newsletter of new titles and special offers and other than above never passed to a third party. All recipients of the newsletter receive the same version and there is no attempt to modify it based on past purchases or other factors.

if you don't wish to receive these newsletters please let me know either in reply to a newsletter or by a message using the contact page on the web site and I will remove you from the list and only retain such information as my business requires to prepare accounts and other such necessary financial requirements and audit trails.

If you wish to see what is held about you then please let me know and I will supply it.

May 2018


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