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My web site is divivded in to two parts - specialist Cactus etc Books and General Plant Books. It tells you above which section you are in, and you can click on the link to it's right to switch over to the other.

If you would like to know more about my business, please select About.

May I suggest before browsing the books you quickly look at Book Descriptions which explains the terms used, secondhand books condition etc.

The books have been grouped into categories as displayed on the left of this panel, so you can browse by the type of plants or subject of interest to you.

Search in the top left is a powerful third party facility to find on my site books about a subject or by an author, and makes quite a good job if you don't spell them correctly!

If you would like to be informed from time to time about new books added to the list, special offers etc then please go to "Add to mailing list" on the right.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the books, and might even be tempted. If so, then please go to How to Order.

If you have any questions about the listed books, are looking for something I do not have listed, or have any other comment, then please go to Contact.



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